Premature Ejaculation defined as ejaculation of the semen without sufficient sexual stimulation or before the man wishes. It is one of the leading causes of distress and problems in a relationship.

Causes of PE could be due to

Psychological factors such as



Feeling depressed or lonely

Mood swings

Lack of emotional bonding etc

Anatomical factors such as

Prostatitis( Inflammation of the prostate gland)


Sexually transmitted diseases or STD’s

Cardiovascular diseases

In Ayurveda PE is caused due to the increase of the Pitta and Vata Doshas at the time of sexual intercourse. Due to the aggravation of the Doshas, the sensitivity of the touch sensation increases due to the increased activity in the muscles of the penile region which causes early ejaculation.

Our treatment for PE is focused towards maintaining the balance of the aggravated doshas with the help of a balanced diet and by prescribing rejuvenating herbal medication, proper counseling, meditation and yoga.

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