The condition in which the veins in and around the anus get swollen it is called Piles or Hemorrhoids. There are two types of piles which are called

  • Internal Piles
  • External Piles

Internal Piles are further graded into 5 classes depending on the stage they are in. External piles occur when the veins around the anus get swollen.

Symptoms of piles are:
  • Blood in stools
  • Burning sensation in and around the anus
  • Itching in anus
  • Feeling of “fullness” near the anus

In Ayruveda Piles is caused due to the vitiation of the doshas. The line of treatment would be after assessing which of the three doshas have been imbalanced and the treatment would be done accordingly.

Our doctors at Royale Ayur Clinic can help you in getting relieved from piles forever without the need of surgery.


An anal fissure can be defined as a small tear in the anal mucosa which is caused due to excessive straining during defecation or due to constipation.

The time required for healing is usually between 2-4 weeks. Our doctors at Royale Ayur clinic prescribe both external and internal medicine for the healing of anal fissure without having any side effects.