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Eczema is defined as a skin disorder which causes skin irritation and inflammation which can also be associated with itching and cracked skin. People with eczema is usually correlated with other allergies.

It is caused due to the vitiation of the pitta dosha. Our Doctors at Royale Ayur Clinic treat Eczema with shodhana(detoxification) line of treatment along with prescription of herbal drugs and changes in diet.

Allergy can be defined as condition in which the immune system of the body reacts to a foreign substance. This trigger in reaction is caused due to a hypersensitive immune response.

The factors which lead to this trigger can be certain foods, medicines, changes in temperature, in some weather due to any uncommon substances, certain smells etc.

In Ayurveda allergies are caused due to the imbalance in the three doshas which can cause collection in toxins, diminish the immune system or due to low digestive fire.

Our doctors at Royale Ayur Clinic cure allergies by doing shodhana( detoxification) and removing the allergens by its roots.

Psoriasis is defined as an autoimmune disorder that causes an increased surge in the skin cells which leads to scaling on the person’s skin surface.

It is associated with redness, itching and inflammation around the infected skin surface. If scratched the scales can crack which will lead to bleeding. These scales can develop anywhere on the body including the face. Psoriasis is usually associated with other conditions such as depression, anxiety, diabetes etc.

The treatment for psoriasis in Ayurveda is by tackling the root cause and not just treating symptomatically. Our doctors at Royale Ayur Clinic do the treatment with a complete plan which includes medication, diet and lifestyle changes.

Acne is one among the most common skin disorder that is experienced mostly during adolescence up to the age of 35 years. It is caused by hormonal imbalances and when the body heat (pitta) is aggravated. It is commonly seen in teenagers. The intensity of acne differs according to the skin type of individuals. People with oily skin experience acne vulgaris worse than people with normal skin. It is common in both males and females.

In Ayurveda acne vulgaris is caused by the aggravation of Pitta and Kapha doshas. The line of treatment followed by our doctors at Royale Ayur Clinic is by the help of herbal medicines, changes in diet and lifestyle which would help in bringing the aggravated doshas back to normalcy or a balanced state.